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good enough for me
the wonder of it all

got no cash got no car

got close once but no cigar

I see a fat little kid - grease on his chin

drop a half-eaten sandwich in the garbage bin

there it sits in the garbage can

and here I sit - a hungry man

had no food since way past gone

and now that half hamburger is drawin me on


you’d think with all the flies

it wouldn’t look so appetisin


I’ll take it I’ll have it I’ll check it out

I’ll use it I won’t refuse it I’m not that proud

we’re strivin barely survivin in this wasteful society

call it mean - call it green

it’s good enough for me

no whisky - too risky

so I’m sittin here just nursin this beer

I may have had two - not more than three

when this faded jaded lady sits down opposite me

she got thin lips - fat hips

somethin nasty on her fingertips

hair dyed - sad eyed

certainly half-cut - very possibly fried


you’d think with all her flaws

she wouldn’t look so drop-dead gorgeous


I’ll catch her eye I’ll say hi - buy her a drink

I’ll woo her I will pursue her she’s prettier than you think

we’re strivin barely survivin in this wasteful society

you can keep your neuroses you can look down your noses

it’s good enough for me


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