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good enough for me
the wonder of it all

tell you a story bout a boy and a girl

it’s just a story couldn’t happen in the real world

watch as they meet each other takin it slow

where will it end up baby where will it go?

will they develop into more than just friends?

spoiler alert: baby this is how it ends


it starts so perfect this saga of love

the first few episodes are all that you could dream of

the plot is thrilling it’s as good as it gets

can’t wait to see what happens further down the box set

where is this going can you take the suspense?

spoiler alert: baby this is how it ends


if you wanna know what happens next

I’ll make it easy for you

you lose the magic then you lose the respect

did you really think that story was true?


we come together for our ultimate scene

you say you love me but it can’t go on like it’s been

I think I’m right but you believe that I’m wrong

it doesn’t really matter when it’s all done

you think I’m stickin round for more of this pain?

spoiler alert: baby this is how it ends


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