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good enough for me
the wonder of it all

we could be strong and travel far

we could be anything yet here we are


and so my love it falls to us

to renegotiate to readjust


gentle sounds  on the wind

catch your strength  draw you in

sirens or seraphim?


it’s time to make some choices

it’s time to find our voices

time to set some new equations

to lay some new foundations


if we’re to live in hope at all

reset the destiny - rewrite the role

the laws that paralyze our steps 

suffocate our minds

haven’t we had long enough to

rearrange the signs?


just to survive away from fear

just to wake up one day and find we’re clear

let’s just pretend it’s all okay - see what we achieve

like when they used to call it make believe


gentle sounds  distant noise

wash the sand  from our eyes

once again  roll the dice


it’s not like we’re spoiled for choices

it’s not like we’ve fixed the prices

once again the dealer hits me

it’s only a game but it’s the

only game in town



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