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good enough for me
the wonder of it all

almost like I’m crawling through the incense-smoke and candles

trying to make it back to basics

like an escher drawing, you take liberties with angles

force the world into your matrix


everybody’s right

just so we agree

redirect the light

choose a way to see


and I’ll meet you in the garden where the fruit falls from the tree

corroborate your story if you’ll do the same for me

and we’ll hold ourselves together - someone else can take the fall

and give thanks for the glory and the wonder of it all


dance across the context with the devil in the detail

as I fight to pull the pin on all your butterflying words

though you paint your thin solution right across the mirrored wall

I’m still not sure I’m looking at the wonder of it all


we could have made it clear

we could have made it easy

we could have walked along the roads

where our tribe has always gone

we chose to drink that cup

and I can’t believe you’d leave me 

locked outside the gates

when the clearing bell has rung


almost like I’m crawling up this self-consuming stairway

climbing back to where I came from just in time to start again

and the dancers quit their partners and the masquerading stalls

I guess whatever’s left must be the wonder of it all



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