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good enough for me
the wonder of it all

you let me into your life

I made contact with your heart

sometimes I even thought I’d got close to where your soul was

you told me all of your secrets

you let me share in the light and darkness

and I would think the moment was here forever


but I wanted to love you

wanted to make you mine

and I wanted to know you 

wanted to see you shine


sometimes I think it’s too late

you gave me all you could give

we crossed an infinite space together

each time we met there were no borders to separate us

but when the sunlight dimmed

like the girl in the myth at the season’s end

nothing could stop you going back to the place you came from


but I wanted to share the life that we could have made

and I wanted to hold your hand and not be afraid


sometimes I think it’s too late

I don’t know how we can break the spell

my sweet mysterious friend

two paths are running in parallel

I always thought they might meet up

in the end


and I wanted to trust you

put all my faith in you

just for once

I wanted to know if we could have made it through


sometimes I think it’s too late

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