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good enough for me
the wonder of it all

I can’t hold myself together

since you walked away

I can’t believe it’s gone forever

the paradise we made

I built my life around your world

but now I’m locked outside

and I can’t be with you

to watch the years go by


but I can’t get my head around it

that you’ve really gone

I thought our love was all that counted

guess I got that wrong

I built a set of dreams 

I thought would last our whole life through

but I won’t be around 

to watch it all come true


a mighty wind has blown destroyin

all that lies before

the tiny things I took such joy in

gone for evermore


I hear a line in some old song an

I wanna share it with you

but all that simple close belongin's

no longer what we do

my heart fills up with love 

that’s almost stronger than the pain

cos I can’t be with you

to feel these things again

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