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good enough for me
the wonder of it all

before the holding lines were blurred

and trust was still unbroken

and promises unspoken almost close enough to touch


when all it needed was one word

I tripped on the language

I lost the advantage 

and you can’t make it up


and every day since then

I’m trying to draw these lines again


we had a purpose in our lives

an endgame to play for

to lie and betray for when the innocence died

and then the sunlight struck the knife

the lamb to the slaughter

the blood and the water and the wrong and the right


and nothing left was true

until the cup came back to you


whenever I’ve been wrong, forgive me

whatever I have done, believe me

the course that I am on they can’t trace back to you


it’s been the story of my life

the form of the chaos

the dominus deus on the long ride to hell

it’s like the instinct to survive

the fact of the fiction

the last contradiction - that there’s no truth to tell


I promise I’ll be true

if I can just believe in you






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